Advice - Child Custody

Christmas Contact – Key Considerations

Christmas and New Years can be extremely stressful and tense if you have not planned for how your children will spend their holidays. Plan ahead If you anticipate disagreement to arise regarding...Read More

Do children’s views matter?

When children’s views can be considered In accord with section 6 of the Care of Children Act 2004 a child’s views can be taken in account in cases involving the guardianship, contact and day...Read More

Father’s Rights: FAQs

Does a father have 50/50 rights to custody of his children? No. The law does not specify how much time children should spend with each parent and there is no rule as to 50/50 sharing of custody....Read More

Father’s Rights and Child Custody

When my child is in my care, does my partner have first rights to care when I am unable to look after them?  Facts I have my six year old child every Thursday to Sunday.  On Saturday night, I...Read More