Advice - Divorce

Bird nesting

Separated partners usually want a clean break. Separate bank accounts, separate houses and separate lives. However, when children are involved and cash flow is tight, that may not be the reality...Read More

Christmas Contact – Key Considerations

Christmas and New Years can be extremely stressful and tense if you have not planned for how your children will spend their holidays. Plan ahead If you anticipate disagreement to arise regarding...Read More

Do children’s views matter?

When children’s views can be considered In accord with section 6 of the Care of Children Act 2004 a child’s views can be taken in account in cases involving the guardianship, contact and day...Read More

5 Steps to Getting a Divorce

1) Be married or in a civil union De facto partners cannot get divorced.  You need to be either married or in a civil union partnership. 2) Consider counselling and other methods of...Read More