Advice - Separation

Separating the debt when couples split

When you separate both your property and debts will be considered. Section 20D of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 requires the value of the relationship property to be divided is to be...Read More

Can I take my child overseas?

Overseas travel is a common issue faced by guardians. Other guardianship matters include, but are not limited to, education, health care, religion and the changing of names. Do you or does someone...Read More

5 Steps to Getting a Divorce

1) Be married or in a civil union De facto partners cannot get divorced.  You need to be either married or in a civil union partnership. 2) Consider counselling and other methods of...Read More

Separation Checklist

To help you plan your separation, we've put together our separation checklist. Following these steps will ensure you cover all aspects of your separation and are well-prepared.  Complete our...Read More


For assistance with pre-separation and separation agreements, contact our legal team. Jeremy Sutton can assist in drafting a separation agreement that covers the day-to-day care and contact of...Read More

Do I Have Options?

If you’re thinking of separating, what are your options?  1. Continue the relationshipTry to work out your differences with your spouseGo to counselling together – visit a professional or...Read More

An Affair Before Separation

If I have an affair before we separate do I get less relationship property?   Relationship property is split on a 50/50 basis unless extraordinary circumstances can be found that make the equal...Read More