Shared Care

When there is a child or children involved in a separation many difficult and complex decisions need to be made.

What happens to the children? What are my rights ?

The law does not mandate that there should be shared custody, each case is decided on its own merits. Jeremy Sutton and his team can help you reach an agreement with the other party and document it accordingly. If agreement cannot be reached and your case progresses to court, Jeremy can represent you. He has access to experts whose opinions are well respected in court, unpicking issues like where and with whom the child will live, the contact they will have with the other parent and how each parent will contribute financially to raising the child.

Why Jeremy Sutton?

For the past 20 years Jeremy Sutton has specialised in high net worth, financially complex divorce cases. He knows what works to get the job done assiduously, fairly and quickly and how to protect you and your significant assets through divorce.

For more information on child custody and father’s rights please request a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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