Child Support

Jeremy Sutton and his team are dedicated to securing the best arrangement regarding child financial support.

Child support is financial support paid by parents who don’t live with their children or who share care of their children with another person.

Depending on the care arrangements and incomes of both parents, one parent will often receive payments from the other which will go towards the upbringing of the children.

Parents can agree between themselves on the amount of child support that will be paid and they can choose whether or not to document this formally in a legal agreement. If they can’t agree, the IRD uses an income based formula to calculate the amount of child support payable and deducts it from income at source, like income tax.

It is common for us to act for persons overseas for whom the NZ Inland Revenue Department are seeking arrears of child support be paid. We normally Skype or call such clients.

Why Jeremy Sutton?

Jeremy Sutton routinely assists both mothers and fathers with child financial support matters.

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