High Net Worth

Jeremy Sutton specialises in divorce cases which involve significant assets such as businesses and/or companies, multiple properties, substantial incomes and investment portfolios.

If you have spent your life building substantial property and assets, including perhaps a business and/or company, a significant investment portfolio and multiple properties, it is essential you consult with an experienced specialist lawyer to protect your financial interests. As the saying goes – the more wealth accumulated during a marriage, the more work it takes to preserve that wealth during divorce. Jeremy Sutton specialises in financially complex divorce cases.

Why Jeremy Sutton?

For the past 20 years Jeremy Sutton has specialised in high net worth, financially complex divorce cases. He knows what works to get the job done assiduously, fairly and quickly and how to protect you and your significant assets through divorce.

Bezos vs Bezos: How the world’s biggest divorce would play out under NZ law

While the Bezos’s divorce is happening in the US, there are seven lessons from it that apply equally under New Zealand law.

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Biggs + Biggs = BIG

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What happens to a house in a family trust if you divorce?

When a couple separates, relationship property is normally split equally between them, including the home they live in. When that home is part of a trust, the property is owned by the beneficiaries, and generally cannot form part of relationship property.

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Jeremy Sutton represented me on finalising my recent separation and child support agreement. He was well informed, thorough in his advice and cost-conscious to meet my personal requirements. I appreciated Jeremy’s calmness during my turmoil but also his toughness when required. I highly recommend him.


Jeremy’s style was refreshing – empathetic, direct and focused on my priorities. Communication is important to me and he exceeded my expectations in terms of clarity, frequency and availability. Jeremy is very experienced and provided extremely sound counsel. Highly recommend.


Jeremy was extremely helpful in communicating family court process and timeframes to achieve as harmonious as possible outcome. Some key benefits in dealing with Jeremy were the prior planning of court proceedings and the preparation of the information required. Communication was excellent and Jeremy’s no nonsense and practical court performance was of the highest calibre.


Jeremy is very approachable, friendly, supportive and pro-active in progressing matters. He explains the Court and non-Court options and processes and what is happening in easy to understand language. Jeremy is very responsive in returning messages. I highly recommend Jeremy Sutton and his team for all of your family law matters.


I knew nothing of Jeremy until I randomly heard him on the radio. What caught my attention was his willingness to provide practical advice, and to help ordinary people find their way through those often daunting legal processes. When I contacted Jeremy, he proved to be approachable, obliging, and happy to offer options for dealing with the matter at hand.


I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy for 6 months and would not have had the results I did if it wasn’t for them. If ever you need brilliant, hands on, no nonsense, straight forward, honest and up front lawyer then Jeremy is your man. He has a great understanding of the emotional effects the process takes on every individual and shows sincerity towards your situation. He gets the job done and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. To me personally having to deal with the Family Court is stressful in itself to say the least, but he makes you feel at ease as you are properly informed of all stages of the process as you go along. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and what you want is results. Absolutely worth giving him a call. Thank you Jeremy!!!

Vanessa Serfontein