The Business Owner

Jeremy and his team are the best at understanding business and the complex issues which can arise involving business and company joint ownership. If your significant business interests are part of your joint property it requires expert knowledge to legally unpick so you end up on the right side of the ledger.

If your spouse has been involved in your business to any extent, if you have neglected to pay yourself a salary, or if you have ploughed money back into a business or company, these are all vulnerable areas, and potentially costly for you, financially when your relationship breaks up. Talking to Jeremy assures you the very best advice on how you can rescue your assets. There are standard considerations such as contracting-out agreements, family trusts, buy-sell agreements and record-keeping. But your situation may be different. Jeremy finds solutions to complex relationship property and business divisions quickly and efficiently.

Why Jeremy Sutton?

For the past 20 years Jeremy Sutton has specialised in high net worth, financially complex divorce cases. He knows what works to get the job done assiduously, fairly and quickly and how to protect you and your significant assets through divorce. Within his practice, he is backed by a wider and equally expert team of barristers who deal in all matters associated with divorce including property, children and custody.

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