Q. My husband and I separated a few months ago after I found out he was having an affair. He has denied this, even after I showed him that I could see his whereabouts on google location sharing. We were hoping to settle our relationship property ourselves to save on legal expenses, but he is not being honest. He said that the only asset we have is our home (which we haven’t sold yet), but I am sure he has purchased shares for us a few times – I just never paid much attention. I have seen on a friend’s Facebook feed that since we separated, he has been on an overseas holiday and gone halves in a boat! When I asked him where he got the money to do this, he denied the spending and the posts were taken down. Can google location sharing and Facebook be used as proof and where do I go from here?


In this NZ Herald Ex-Files article, I discuss whether social media posts can be used as evidence in a relationship property dispute.