We protect you going through divorce

We specialise in cases where there are closely held businesses, complex matters or trusts involved.

Relationship Property

For clients who have significant trusts, own businesses or multiple properties in New Zealand and /or overseas, there can be additional challenges and complications regarding the division of relationship property.

Child Custody

When there is children involved in a separation, difficult decisions regarding access and custody need to be made. Jeremy Sutton provides expert advice on how to best work through this complex area.

Consultation & Fees

Jeremy Sutton offers an initial client meeting with a fixed fee for high net worth divorce cases. Jeremy doesn’t operate on an hourly charge out regime – instead once details have been assessed he will set a one-off fee for completing the case, which clients will be advised of in advance.


Father’s Rights: FAQs

No. The law does not specify how much time children should spend with each parent and there is no rule as to 50/50 sharing of custody.

Why You Need A Prenuptial Agreement

Generally speaking, property classified as relationship property will be split equally between the parties.

Economic Disparity

The purpose of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 is to reform the law to allow for a just division of relationship property.

Child Relocation

Child relocation cases generally take a substantial amount of time, anywhere from 12-18 months before they go to hearing.