We protect you and your assets through divorce

We specialise in New Zealand divorce cases where there are significant assets including family trusts, complex business structures, high income and multi relationship property ownership.

High Net Worth

Jeremy Sutton and his team of barristers specialise in divorce cases which involve significant assets such as businesses and/or companies, multiple properties, substantial incomes and investment portfolios.

The Business Owner

Jeremy and his team are the best at understanding business and the complex issues which can arise involving business and company joint ownership. If your significant business interests are part of your joint property it requires expert knowledge to legally unpick so you end up on the right side of the ledger.

Consultation & Fees

We agree on a set fee for all the work we will do on your case, rather than charge you an hourly rate at the end of the work. The first step is an initial consultation ($775 – GST incl) which is a face-to-face meeting to give us an accurate measure of your legal position and the work needed to be done to settle your divorce quickly.


For richer, for poorer: splitting the assets and the couple

Bank accounts are increasingly becoming a common source of strife and tension when a relationship ends.

Why You Need A Prenuptial Agreement

Generally speaking, property classified as relationship property will be split equally between the parties.

Economic Disparity

The purpose of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 is to reform the law to allow for a just division of relationship property.

Bank accounts during the relationship – what happens after separation?

How do the legal rules treat bank accounts after separation?