I will protect you and your assets during a divorce

I specialise in New Zealand divorce cases where there are significant assets including family trusts, complex business structures, high income and multi relationship property ownership.

Pre-Separation Stage

You want to know your rights and options in terms of separation.

You will have almost certainly been through counselling which has not worked. One party may have had an affair, and typically, your children are at secondary school or older and you are 45 or older.

Often you (or the other party) will have a small to medium-sized business, which you/they operate. You will usually have at least one family trust, a family home and sometimes other companies are also involved.

Come and have an initial consultation to understand your rights and options, and then you will likely to come back to me six to nine months later when you have finally separated.

Point of Separation Stage

Either you or the other party has just left, or is about to leave, the family home.

The most common questions you will have are:

  • what happens to joint bank accounts?
  • what contact should the other party have in relation to children?
  • for fathers, can I have some sort of shared custody regime?

You may be talking to each other and may be able to reach resolution without major recourse to the lawyers. At this point, you are usually in low to medium conflict.

If you haven’t seen me before, an initial consultation is normally very valuable to answer your questions about what comes next.

Post Separation Stage

You want urgent advice and reassurance, with a plan of action to resolve the matter.

Usually you are not talking to each other, there can be high conflict, and you are usually in court. Typically you will have been separated from the other party for three to six months. You may have an existing lawyer that you are not entirely happy with.

Often the other party will have filed family court proceedings or written a letter to that effect. There are usually, but not always, children involved. It is common to have issues involved with economic disparity and spousal maintenance.

At this stage you need more active advice and representation, on an ongoing basis – which starts with an initial consultation.

Consultation & Fees

We agree on a set fee for all the work I will do on your case, rather than charge you an hourly rate at the end of the work.

The first step is an initial consultation ($1150 – GST incl) which is a face-to-face meeting to give me an accurate measure of your legal position and the work needed to be done to settle your divorce quickly.



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